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Quick Hide Pocket Underwear can help protect your belongings and privacy in the comfort of your own clothes. (Quick Fix Urine sold separately)

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Do you have a urine test coming up? One of the most effective ways to pass a screening is to submit a Quick Fix Urine synthetic sample that resembles the appearance, temperature and chemical properties of real urine.

Products like Quick Fix are so realistic that labs use these samples to calibrate their equipment to ensure accuracy. The problem with using synthetic urine is that you must deliver a sample without raising suspicion.

Quick Hide pocket underwear is the best way to hold the Quick Fix in a secure location without it falling out. (Urine kit is sold separately, all sales final not returns on the underwear)


Quick Hide pocket underwear looks like real underwear, but the difference is that Quick Hide underwear has a hidden pocket at the front. Before the screening, place the synthetic urine inside the pocket and push it as far down as possible.

You can wear the secret item with any piece of clothing. The pocket’s position ensures that the bottle will not be visible through your clothes, and your valuables are stored safely. The bottle is entirely undetectable, even if you are only wearing the Quick Hide underwear.


One of the issues most people have with submitting Quick Fix is getting the sample at the proper temp. Urine Samples have to be at a realistic temperature of 98.6˚F (about the same as a person’s body temperature). If your bottle is above or below the expected temperature, the facility may not accept it for testing.

The Quick Hide underwear keeps the bottle close to your body and covered by the fabric. It warms the container to a realistic temperature, giving you a fighting chance of passing the urine test.


Hiding a urine bottle down your conventional underwear can be extremely uncomfortable, and you would have to walk awkwardly to prevent the container from falling out.

The Quick Hide pocket underwear solves this uncomfortable situation, allowing you to carry a bottle of synthetic urine without even realizing it is in there. The underwear also provides complete access to the bottle. When you have to fill your lab specimen cup, reach down and take it out—no fidgeting with buttons or noisy zippers or wasting valuable time.

The Quick Hide underwear molds comfortably to the body and is made of a lightweight, breathable 95% cotton and 5% spandex material. You can machine wash the underwear with regular underwear and wear it repeatedly.


Quick Hide pocket underwear is unisex and suitable for men and women. The underwear is available in the following sizes:

· Large: 32” – 34” waist

· XL- 36” – 38” waist

· XXL- 40” – 42” waist

You can wear Quick Hide underwear with any clothing, including shorts, pencil skirts, workwear, and jeans.


The Quick Hide underwear pocket can carry multiple items without forming lumps under your clothing. You can even conceal a phone, wallet, or passport in this compartment. It is ideal for keeping your synthetic urine and valuables safe when you are traveling or visiting crowded places, for example.


When buying your Quick Hide underwear, note that all sales on underwear are final. No returns on undergarment materials are accepted so please choose the correct size.

A urine screening might be standing between you and the job of your dreams or participation in a sports event. The Quick Hide pocket underwear delivers a synthetic sample quickly and easily.

The underwear allows you to take a sample into a testing facility and deliver it at the correct temperature. Quick Hide underwear is also comfortable, and you can use it to carry around other valuables. Order your Quick Hide underwear today and safely pass your next urine test.

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Large: 32" – 34" waist, XL: 36" – 38" waist, XXL: 40" – 42" waist


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