Contact Information

Q: Will you keep my personal information confidential?

Yes, we will keep all your personal information confidential. We will never sell, trade, or share your personal information with anyone. All orders placed over the website are encrypted with the latest SSL technology. We do not see or store credit card information that is handled by the processing bank. All orders will be billed as Quick Fix and shipped in a plain discreet box. There are no markings on the box reflecting the contents inside for your privacy.

Q: What information is required to process an online order?

Buyer must be 18 years of age. We do not condone illegal activity, buyers must have a valid US  address, email address and phone number in order to be approved on the sale. All sales are final at checkout and buy assumes all liability and agrees to follow all federal and state laws pertaining to the use of any detox products.


Quick Fix Urine Questions, Do this not that!

Q: What temperature should the Quick Fix® be?

Let’s keep this human like. A: Your body temperature is 98F. With that said the optimal goal is to get it as close to your body temperature as you can. You want the temperature strip to have the green dot between 94 and 100 degrees. All samples can be turned in between 94-98 degrees.


Q: Quick Fix failed to produce a reading after being heated twice. Is something wrong?

This is the most common mistake when heating up Quick Fix. You want to get the sample in the microwave for 10 seconds, maybe 11 seconds max. If you overheat the product it will feel hot to the touch but will have no temp reading. If the bottle feels warmer than your skin, you need to allow the product to cool. Simply place the sample on the counter for 1-2 minutes and watch the temp strip until it cools and lights up.


Q: How can I ensure Quick Fix maintains its proper temperature?

The best way to ensure your Quick Fix stays body temp is to apply the heating pad after you prepare it. Once you prepare the fake pee kit simply place it against your body in the secure desired location.


Q: Can Quick Fix Synthetic Urine still be heated without a microwave?

Yes, Quick Fix synthetic urine kits can be heated without a microwave. Just apply the provided hand warmer to the bottle and in approx 45 minutes it will be up to temp. Always make sure the cap is on tight to avoid any spillage.


Q: Can I reheat Quick Fix more than once before using it?

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the best in its class. The urine can be reheated and cooled multiple times before using it. Just be sure to not let Quick Fix urine kit get too hot, 10 – 11 seconds max in the microwave is ideal. If you overheat the sample you did not ruin it, simply let the bottle cool for 1-2 minutes or until the temp gauge starts to register a blue/green dot.


Q: Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits Expire?

Standard Quick Fix products come with a shelf life of 12-18  months when stored at room temp. To ensure your Quick Fix pro belt or Quick Fix urine kit is good to use please double check the batch number. Batch Numbers are printed on the product. After verifying the batch is current and valid it can be used.


Q: If one Quick Fix product isn’t enough, can I mix two different bottles together?

Yes, you can mix 2 Quick Fixes together, as long as they are from the same batch numbers. Never mix anything else in with the urine including your own pee; it will compromise the sample.


Q: Is there anything I need to add to the synthetic urine?

No, you do not need to add anything to the synthetic urine kit you receive. Quick Fix comes pre tested in a lab environment and it is balanced with everything you need to ensure a successful drug test. If you add anything like medication or water to the sample you will ruin it.



Orders and Shipment Information

Q: How will my order be shipped and when?

All orders placed by 3PM Pacific Standard time will ship the same day Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 3PM pacific standard time will ship the next business day. We do not ship orders on Saturdays or Sundays. All deliveries will occur during business days. All orders will be shipped via the desired shipping method selected at checkout. We offer FedEx express and USPS ground options. We do accept PO box orders. We do not ship to APO/AE addresses.


Q: What is your policy on returns?

To protect the integrity of the products we shipped, sales are final. We do not accept returns so please be sure this is something you want or need prior to ordering. Once an order leaves our possession it can not be returned or resold to another party so please plan accordingly. All orders returned for invalid addresses will be refunded minus the shipping fee we have paid.


Q: Can I place an order to be held at a FedEx location for pick up?

Yes, you will have to check out using your current billing address. On the checkout form click ship to a different address and then put the desired pick up location you choose. All hold for pick up orders can only be picked up with a valid state issued I.D.


Q: How can I order your product?

All orders can be placed online 24/7 or via the phone 1-866-420-4574. All orders placed by 3pm PST will ship the same day. Order placed after 3pm PST will ship out the next business day. We do not process orders on Saturday or Sunday. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM- 3PM PST.


Q: Will I be required to sign for my package when it arrives?

For orders of $100 or more, we will require a signature at  APT complexes or busy streets. In most cases it will be an indirect signature and you will be notified if a signature is required on the delivery. If for any reason a signature is required on delivery and you miss the package, it will be held up the street at FedEx or USPS for pick up with I.D.