Quick Fix Urine Heating Pad


Our Spectrum Labs Heating Pad is the most comfortable solution to keep your synthetic urine at the ideal temperature. (Hot Hands)

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There’s nothing like the dependability and reliability of these high-quality Spectrum Labs synthetic urine Heating Pads. (outer packaging may vary)

These pee warmers have been uniquely designed to keep your synthetic urine at the perfect temperature. The lab has designed these specifically to work with Quick Fix bottles to ensure the product is never overheated nor too cold.

Preparation when using the heating is quite simple.

Directions of use:

1. Open: Open the Spectrum Labs synthetic urine heating pad and remove the heat pack.

2. Shake: Shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Once the chemical formula in the heating pad is mixed, it is activated and it begins the heating process.

3. Place: Place pack where continuous heat is needed.

4. Discard: Remove the heating pad and discard after 8-10 hours of use

From the time of manufacturing Spectrum labs approved heating pads have a full three-year shelf life and can simply be stored at room temperature for future use, and keep the package sealed until it is ready to be used.

You will get a full eight to ten hours of consistent heat once the pad is activated. If you live in a warmer climate you may want to remove the heating pad if it is stored under your clothes or in your underwear as it may get too hot.

If you live in a cooler climate you may want to keep the sample close to your body in a pair of boxer briefs or for females your bra.

Every Quick Fix synthetic urine kit comes with one factory heating pad.

Additional heating pads may be purchased on our site for a small fee.

The heating pad was also designed not to burn human skin, but it may become uncomfortable with direct contact.

If the heating pad is placed in the underwear or bra area, it will not hurt you for extended periods of time.

Knock off heating pads may be purchased at local shops but may not work the same. Companies such as Little Hotties  warmers have popped up in many online forums as an alternative to heating synthetic urine bottles with mixed results. We recommend you stick with the professionals on this one a throw a few extra in your cart upon checkout.

Popular FAQs

What’s the temperature of urine when it leaves the body?

The human body’s internal temperature varies but averages around 98.6 °F so internally it will be around that temperature but once it leaves the body it will drop down to about 96 °F. One of the initial things that is checked by the lab technician when taking a pee test is its temperature level. Therefore, if using a synthetic or artificial piss of any description, it’s essential to maintain the correct temperature and this is where the synthetic urine warmer comes into play, keeping it at an optimal 96-98 °F.

How long does it take for urine to reach room temperature?

As mentioned earlier the primary test that is carried out is to check the temperature of the sample this is done in the first 4 minutes before it reaches room temperature. If the specimen is cooler than 90 °F it’s going to be an obvious indicator that you have swapped or altered it and it’s not the real deal! Using a heater is the safest way of making sure this doesn’t happen. Sometimes you might have to wait for a long time before the test, so you need a reliable urine warmer kit to keep the liquid warm.

Can you re-use the heating pad?

No, these pads aren’t reusable, each one once activated will give you 8-10 hours use and then should be discarded. With the price of the urine warmer being at such a nominal cost purchasing replacement pads is extremely affordable and to be tested clean will be priceless! You can try other methods or products, but we can’t guarantee you the results that our fake urine warmer offers.