Quick Fix is The Most Trusted Brand of Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the reliable brand that customers have been asking for by name for over 20 years. Quick Fix synthetic urine is manufactured in America, by Spectrum Labs, the only true synthetic urine manufacturer that holds a fake pee patent. We choose to sell only the best so we only carry these products.


The Only Detox Kits You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to full body detox solutions and synthetic urine look no further. We sell a variety of their products which range in urine, hair, and saliva detox products as well as self urine testing kits for both male and females. All products are manufactured in the USA and undergo testing prior to packaging to ensure you have the newest up to date formulas.


About Syntheticurine.org

Synthetic.org is a retail website offering only the best detox products available. Syntheticurine.org is run by seasoned e-commerce professionals who streamline the online buying process for the end consumer. With a technology based forefront we make the process of buying or selling detox products easy. With a few clicks you can ensure your order is being processed in a safe , secure way from start to finish. We stand behind the products we sell and are quick to help the customer with any questions or concerns that may have regarding their online purchase from us.


Privacy Matters

Our products are sold all over the world, helping millions of people protect their privacy and peace of mind. We ensure all personal information and data is not stored and we maintain PCI compliance with the transactions processed on our network. Please feel free to read our privacy policy for an in depth look on how we protect our buyers.