Quick Shot Liquid Detox Power Cleanse


The Quick Shot detox drink is a 2oz rapid cleanse product for people looking to detox their urine sample. The Quick Shot drink was designed to eliminate harmful toxins present in the body and give you a 5 hour window to be clean and clear of harmful substances present in your urine. The Quick shot comes in a mixed berry flavor and can be taken on a moments notice.



Quick Shot – Mixed berry detox shot drink

The Quick Shot Concentrate Cleansing was made to give your body a quick cleanse for people who are always on the go. We made something that meets your health needs and gives you results quickly. Only one injection is needed to start the body’s detox process and make you feel better and clean your system out.


What are the Quick Shot benefits?

One-time servings of Quick Shot detox Concentrate Cleanse can be bought. It has vitamins and minerals that will give you energy and help your body eliminate waste. It only has 53 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 0 grams of carbs, but it has more than 40 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C and more than 100 percent of the daily requirements for vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. Other things about it that make it stand out are:

Because it was designed with consumer happiness in mind, Quick Shot Concentrate tastes great. Its a quick shot Gatorade style small drink.

What’s so great about Quick Shot?

Quick Shot is the best choice for people consumed toxins like nicotine and alcohol or CBD on a daily basis. What makes this product great is that is can effectively and rapidly help cleans the body without a long dietary regiment.

The product has the following advantages:

You can buy and use the Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse whenever you need to without a prescription.

New ideas about life and a clean body. Compared to other detox plans, the Quick Shot’s short list of ingredients cleanses your body and help keep your life private during a urine test.

Results are available right away. If you follow the instruction on the Quick Shot detox it will start to be effective upon consumption.

An opportunity for your body to rest. Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse cleaning drink has everything your body needs for a full reboot cleanse. After you eat, you’ll have more energy and be more motivated to do healthy things.

Quick, Effective Detox Drink

Quick Shot Concentrate could be used by people who have mild to medium toxin levels present in their body. For larger individuals or people with higher toxicity levels we would recommend our bigger 20oz Quick Clear detox drinks. To get the most out of Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse, do the following:

For starters Cut out harmful or acidic foods, like coffee, fast food, carbs, and fried foods.

Drink a lot of water. You’ll move around more easily, and your body will get more of its needs. Drink enough water in the first hour after taking Quick Shot to go to the bathroom at least twice.

If you don’t eat anything, you should drink the cleaning solution. Lessen how much junk food you eat. Choose snacks like fruits, vegetables, and almonds that are light and healthy.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke for the next 24 hours.

Please remember that the Quick Detox Shot Concentrate Cleanse is NOT meant to treat, prevent, or cure any illness. The drink was to rid your body fast of harmful toxins present in your urine stream.

Question and Answer

Can I use this product along with other medicines I’m on?

We strongly advise you not to use the Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse if you take any prescription drugs. Some parts of Quick Shot and some drugs might not go well together. Go to the doctor before starting a Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse, especially if you have health problems.

Can I use this over and over again?

Use the Quick Shot urine detox drink should not be a daily routine. Quick Shot detox drink is produced by Spectrum Labs. This quick option was made for people who need a quick, one-time detox after being around harmful toxins like alcohol and nicotine etc. Quick Shot was designed to help the body naturally eliminate toxins and prove a clean urine sample. if using a detox drink is not an option for a heavy toxin user we highly recommend you consider synthetic urine as it requires no abstinence period.

Can I take this daily?
Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse is NOT intended for daily use. The formula is created specifically for people who need a quick one-time cleanse after a day filled with toxins. It can be after an all-night party or exposure to harmful toxins in the body.


Directions for the Quick Shot detox drink.

Before taking the Quick Shot, you must go 72 hours without polluting your body and fast for three hours, this means no fatty foods or snacks.

Start your day by drinking the whole bottle of Quick Shot and then 48 ounces of water.

It would be best if you urinated twice or three times in the hour after drinking water and taking the Quick Shot urine-cleansing drink. The Quick Shot will work for another five hours after you consume it and this will be your clean window.

Keep a bathroom close for the first few hours after you use Quick Shot. You’ll have to use the toilet to get rid of the poisons. (This is why it’s best to take it first thing in the morning.) Drink as much water as possible to help your body get rid of as many toxins as possible. It is always recommended to use the middle of your urine stream it is the cleanest part of your urine to turn in.




These claims are false by the Food and Drug Administration. This product should not be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat illness. This product must be used following all federal and state laws, and it isn’t meant to pass real drug tests. Use great care if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or sick with your kidneys or gallbladder. You might get cramps, diarrhea, sickness, or dizziness if you take this drug. If you see any of these signs, you should stop using the product right away. If your symptoms don’t go away, see a doctor and ask to have a urinalysis test. Like other herbal supplements, this one shouldn’t be taken by children or people with health problems.


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