Quick Fix 2oz Value Pack [4] Complete Kits


Quick Fix Urine is unisex urine blend that comes standard with a 2-year shelf life when stored at room temperature.

By purchasing our Quick Fix 2oz kit value pack you will receive four complete kits with the following contents inside each box:

• 2oz Quick Fix urine kit

• Quick Fix organic heating pad (8-10-hour heating source)

• Rubber band for attaching the Quick Fix heating pad

• Complete Instructional paper with confirmed batch number (Batch number printed on bottle)


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If you are looking to save on Quick Fix urine then this is the deal for you! Now you can buy 4 Quick Fix pee kits for the price of three. Quick Fix is the most popular patented formula of synthetic urine you have read about in popular magazines such as High Times, Marijuana.com, and Leafly. Quick Fix dominates today’s market place and is used by labs world-wide to calibrate their urine analysis testing equipment. Quick Fix, produced by Spectrum Labs, has become a household name brand trusted by millions of people. Quick Fix’s unique unisex design is perfect to be used by both male and female users looking to maintain their privacy. The Quick Fix 6.2 formula is the only technology to hold a true US registered patent specifically for a lab-grade human urine specimen. All of Quick Fix’s urine is carefully designed and tested prior to packaging, thus giving users across the globe the confidence to achieve a negative urinalysis result when tested under strict lab testing conditions such as E-cup screening, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, the most common dipstick tests.

Quick Fix 2 Ounce Combo Pack 

When it comes to clean pee solutions Quick Fix is the #1 trusted name brand. Here at SyntheticUrine.org our goal is to provide our clients with the products guaranteed to satisfy their needs whether it is for drug testing, laboratory testing, scientific research, or a simple home privacy test.

Why trust Quick Fix? Unlike other products in the market, Quick Fix undergoes rigorous testing at Spectrum Labs before being released to the public. This process has enabled Quick Fix to maintain a solid reputation as the leading and most trusted synthetic urine product you will find anywhere.

Quick Fix is available for purchase with our 2oz urine kit which comes with a heat pack, convenient bottle and rubber band which is design to make the administration process quite easy for any average user.

Why Choose the 2oz Combo Pack?

Carrying a smaller bottle around may be more convenient for you. The Quick Fix 2oz kit was design just for this. It is one ounce smaller than the three ounce plus size and will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand.

Does Quick Fix Come Pre-Mixed?

Yes! You do not want to leave room for error especially if you have to mix your urine product yourself prior to use. This can be very time consuming and if you make one small mistake you could compromise your urine sample. This is why Quick Fix 2oz comes premixed and is ready for immediate use. Simply open your kit, place the urine bottle in the microwave for 7-10 seconds, according to the provided instruction, and you are ready to go!

Is it possible to reheat and reuse Quick Fix urine?

Yes! Quick Fix synthetic urine can be heated and cooled multiple times throughout the life of the product. This is possible because Quick Fix manufactures its products using laboratory grade Biocide Protection. This patented Biocide Protection protects your synthetic sample from spoiling and ensures it will be good till the expiration date provided in the kit.

The majority of other urine products are designed to be heated and used once. This can quite inconvenient and expensive especially if you need to reuse your fake urine sample. Thankfully Spectrum Labs adds biocide protection to all of their urine ensuring you can reheat and reuse the urine multiple times if necessary.

What Can Fake Urine Be Used For?

Synthetic urine is the most preferred alternative to real human urine because human urine can contain environmental toxins your body may be exposed to throughout the day. When conducting scientific research such as lab testing, also known as a urine analysis, clean fake urine is the only way to correctly calibrate your testing equipment. Human urine often contains waste material that is both unhygienic and unsanitary, where Quick Fix is tested and proven to contain the exact specific gravity, PH levels, and creatine concentration minus everyday toxins required to pass a test. This means that you get the cleanest version urine to use as samples for your scientific testing or even personal use. It tests so real that even labs cannot tell whether it came out of a person or a bottle.

Quick Fix urine kits are deigned to last a long time and are easy to prepare. All you have to do is place an order here at our website, the product will quickly be delivered, then you can proceed to heat and use the product asap. Our company aims to reduce the challenges associated with obtaining and using fake pee, which is why we guarantee our products arrive quickly and are ready to use.

The greatest challenge associated with synthetic urine is finding a quality product that has undergone the professional lab tests and procedures to guarantee its quality. Our experience in the urine industry has taught us the need to remain professional in the testing of our products. This is what keeps us ahead of the game, and of course, create a name as very reliable supplier.

Where Can I buy Quick Fix?

If you want the freshest and most authentic synthetic urine available in the market, then you should buy from our website. All our products come with a batch validator that helps to authenticate each individual product to ensure that purchased products are legitimate.

Buying directly from our website ensures that you are getting genuine products without any additional price hikes. Make the most of our buy 3 get 1 free deal on our Quick Fix 2oz value pack and place your order today!