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The new Quick Fix 6.3 Plus value pack includes ten 3oz bottles of artificial urine, a thermometer strip, warming pad, and directions for use.

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Ten Pack of Quick Fix 6.3 Plus – 3oz Bottles is manufactured in the US, and a lab will not be able to tell the difference between this artificial liquid and real pee.

Quick Fix synthetic urine carries the exact same ingredients found in human urine, including proteins for color, ph levels, specific gravity, creatine, and smell. Quick Fix 6.3 also contains foam which gives it the same appearance identical to human urine.

Quick Fix is the best option when it comes to a reliable fake urine. This option comes in a 30z bottle kit. Typically 3oz of fake pee is more than you need to fill a specimen cup, but this amount is highly recommended as you may accidentally spill some while placing it in the testing cup.

Of all synthetic urines available today Quick Fix 6.3 is the most popular with one of the highest success rates in the country. Quick Fix synthetic urine is formulated and produced in a lab setting by the leading synthetic urine manufacturers in the USA.